Polkap is one of the few companies in the world and the only one in Poland that has been producing hair and woolen hats from scratch using traditional technology since 1924.

Thanks to our long history, we have been observing our products for years and, based on them, we are constantly improving the production process so that the quality and durability of each hat is consistently at the highest level.

Polkap is not only classic hats. There are also hunting and highlander hats, top hats, military berets, Hasidic hats and others.

Each of our hats deserves to be called a handicraft

What should be the perfect hat?

Hat felt should be soft, smooth, delicate to the touch, evenly felted and "fleshy" regardless of weight. Our hats are flexible so they can be manipulated.

The color should be uniform, expressive and consistent. There should be no visible discoloration, stains or discoloration on the felt - the so-called "networks".

To finish the hats, we use the highest quality products, the quality of which we can be sure of. The grosgrain ribbons that decorate the hats are imported from Italy, and the leather belts and sweatbands are produced in a local Polish company. Hat linings are sewn by hand in Polkap.

Polkap hats are known and recognized all over the world